Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let all that have an ear hear what the sovereign MUUR-MOOR :Śambhũ :Ameni-Re is saying for the emergence of the Imperial Moorish Al Moroccan (American) Empire/Imperial Royal Kingdom, uSA/USA via the properly formed and operational Imperial CMYE Government for the Republic! To read, click https://cmyeimperialgov.us/country-of-united-states-imperial-moorish-al-moroccan-american-empire-imperial-royal-kingdom-usa-usa-emperial-and-imperial-diplomatic-missions

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  1. How do I attend your training for Nationals?

  2. Raahubaat! I ptah Sabaq Rayay was listening in on the
    Pharaoh Shepses Duamuteff A. show that the Elder Khufu was explaining to us about Moving our ship!
    So yes I would like to register and gain muur information that will help myself accomplish just that.
    So i would just like to say thAnkh U Elder Khufu!for sharing this powerful information! I look forward to learning muur! A’ashuq!!

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