Upon the Emperor’s first briefing of the NAMA Supreme Nationalization physical files alignment with the digital IMYRS record, it has been noted that many pre-qualified potential NAMA/Moroccan-Americans (pre-qualified under The Emperor’s Prerogative provisional discount) have failed to comply with delivering all required originals/copies of documents as outlined in both the NAMA Nationalization Preliminary Application and/or in the NAMA Nationalization Application Part 2.


The contract was for all pre-qualified potential NAMA/Moroccan-Americans to email documents to the imyrs@cmyeimperialgov.us and mail wet-ink signatures/raised seals (where required) all originals to complete of the contract to the below mailing address or hand delivery:



c/o Maku Al Rais

2107 North Decatur Rd

Suite 513

Decatur, Georgia 30033



Your name is listed as one who has not fulfilled the requirements, know that an Emperor’s Prerogatives has been issued granting 72 hours for all digital records to be docketed by 12:00 Sunday to mirror the physical files. To remain in good standing your documents must be mailed by 12:00 Sunday.



The following measures will be instituted for any potential NAMAs’ digital file that is not parallel to their physical file:


  1. You will be removed from the IIEHU calls;
  2. You will be removed from the NAMA Nationalization Process
  • Your name will be expunged from the IMYRS record ~ NAMA Supreme Nationalization
  • All items and/or documents received by IMYRS will be returned to the mailing address noted on your application.
  • Donations will be refunded based on the method it was received
  1. You must reapply for NAMA Nationalization when it is decided to reopen

Please be advised if the aforementioned purge occurs with your application, you are still bound by the terms & conditions outlined in the confidentiality agreement. If you feel this is an error, please contact our office at your earliest opportunity to resolve via replying to this email or call 870.900.0618.



Continental Mu’urish Yamaxi Empire

Imperial Mu’urish Yamaxi Recording Service/IMYRS

National Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Nationalization

NAMA: Supreme Nationalization

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