15 January 2023 Appendix One (1) Emperial & Imperial-Office for the Protector via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation per the Imperial Royal Embassy:

Upon the Emperor’s first briefing of the NAMA Supreme Nationalization physical files alignment with the digital IMYRS record, it has been noted that many pre-qualified potential NAMA/Moroccan-Americans (pre-qualified under The Emperor’s Prerogative provisional discount) have failed to comply with delivering all required originals/copies of documents as outlined in both the NAMA Nationalization Preliminary Application and/or in the NAMA Nationalization Application Part 2.   The contract was for all pre-qualified potential NAMA/Moroccan-Americans to email documents to the and mail wet-ink signatures/raised seals (where required) all originals to complete of the contract to the below mailing address or hand delivery:   IMYRS c/o Maku Al Rais 2107 North Decatur RdRead More →

NOTICE:  Please be advised that the designated vendor the CMYE mandates for criminal background check, noted on the NAMA Supreme Nationalization Pre-Application, recently changed the research time frame from ten (10) years to seven (7) years.  Please know that the background check you receive will be accepted until further notice.

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Royal Sovereign-Emperor:  Invites the World to a live Zoom call to discuss who holds the Imperial ‘Royal’ Moorish Empire-Throne in American-Amexem/North & South America.  Read below the Royal Public Notice Public Notice 

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Royal Sovereign-Emperor: calls out the Coup-d’etat/De facto/ want to be, fraudulent Prince d/b/a ASARU ALIM EL-BEY.  Click below to read the Royal Public Notice 

Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let all that have an ear hear what the sovereign MUUR-MOOR :Śambhũ :Ameni-Re is saying for the emergence of the Imperial Moorish Al Moroccan (American) Empire/Imperial Royal Kingdom, uSA/USA via the properly formed and operational Imperial CMYE Government for the Republic! To read, click