NAMA Supreme Nationalization

Emperial CMYE-IRK Republic for the Country of United -states pursuant to the
Imperial Royal Office for His-Emperial-Majesty via the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs and International Cooperation per the Imperial Royal Embassy – The Imperial Mu’urish Yamaxi Consulate directs the Supreme Nationalization:  Declaration: Proclamation Process for the Imperial Mu’urish Yamaxi Recording Service (IMYRS) – National Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Nationalization and is governed by 
Emperial Royal Order 0002.  All applicants are required to comprehend the below frequently asked questions (FAQ) prior to completing the  NAMA Supreme Nationalization: Declaration: Proclamation Application.  


What is the purpose of the NAMA Supreme Nationalization: Declaration: Proclamation Application Process?  A NAMA Supreme Nationalization: Declaration: Proclamation grants Emperial & Imperial Constitutional Rights from His-Emperial-Majesty:  Emperor: Śambhũ Ameni-Re ‘Ade-Loye’; Khufu-Ranub-Z Sampson-El, Protector; Eighth (8th) Marquis de Maison Rouge: Thunder-Fire/King-Louis XX ; Sovereign CROWN Prince:  

Moorover, the purpose is to evolve the work of our NAMA (Nibiruan-Al Moroccan-Mu’urish Yamaxi American Native- Amurru Waxitaw Muur de Dugdahmoundyah) ancestors and predecessors namely:   the fifth (5th) Marquis de Maison Rouge – Crown Prince, Noble Drew Ali/Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali (PBUH), founder of the Moorish Divine and National Movement of America /Amexem; Empress Verdiacee ‘Tiara′ Washitaw-Turner Goston El-Bey (PBUH), founder of the (Empire) Washitaw ‘Muurs’ de Dugdahmoundyah, Family of Nations IPO Number: 215/1993; and Chief Black Eagle Thunderbird (PBWH) founder of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors ‘Yamassee’ an Author of the Constitution of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors ‘Yamassee’, Law of Nations IPO Number: 208/1992 for the Emperial CMYE-IRK Republic Country of United -states. These are just a few who  spearheaded the conversations about “Nationality” and “Birthrights”.  H.E.M.  welcomes you to the development of the Emperial Project “Freedom from Bondage Ocean Liner” for all able and willing to continue with the elevation of our true self and our Emperial CMYE-IRK Republic.

What is Nationalization?

The Drafted Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – International Law: Principle III of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child; “Every Child, shall at birth, have the right to a Name and a Nationality′′.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 15:
“Everyone has the right to a nationality; no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality”.

Proper nationality is currently defined as attachment to the land, culture and language of a Sovereign State or Sovereign Country. Nationality can be acquired by birth within the jurisdiction of a Sovereign State or Sovereign Country, by inheritance from parents, or by a process of nationalization. Nationality affords the Sovereign State or Sovereign Country jurisdiction over the person and affords the person the protection of the Sovereign State or Sovereign Country. The Country of United -states for the Imperial Moorish Al Moroccan (American) Empire pursuant to the Continental Mu’urish Yamaxi Empire-Imperial Royal Kingdom is a Sovereign Country with Sovereign States, housing ancient indigenous culture, with Westphalian sovereignty, Sovereign Governance Authority, due Full Faith, Credit, Emperial and Imperial Allodium (E)state Rights, White Privileges, Diplomatic Immunities, Foreign Sovereign Immunities, Jurisdictional Immunities of the State, and the good faith performance, accompanying obligations & treaty/Treaty Rights!

The principle of jus sanguinis (Latin: right of blood) is a social policy by which nationality is not determined by place of birth, but by having an ancestor who is a national of the Sovereign State or Sovereign Country. Regardless of place of birth, or how far removed one is from an ancestor born in their original homeland, those born to an original national of that Sovereign State or Sovereign Country (whether or not your parent still retains their nationality, or is still living) are entitled to original nationality of their ancestor, (Original are those who were born of their ancestry no matter where they were born). The grandchildren of those who emigrated due to political or economical reasons are also entitled to original nationality.

It contrasts with jus soli (Latin for “right of soil” law of ground), also known as birthright citizenship,
is a right by which nationality or citizenship can be recognized to any individual born in the territory of the related state. This non-essentialist conception of nationality allowed the implementation of jus soli, against the essentialist jus sanguinis, which grant nationality to otherwise stateless persons who were born on their territory, or on a ship or plane flagged by the country.

Why is silver needed to become a NAMA?

Emperial CMYE-IRK Republic is the sovereign indigenous government on earth operating with plenary civil powers rendering the future NAMA nationals to be attached back to the land via sliver, gold or precious metals.  

Who are the NAMA?

NAMA is an acronym meaning: Nibiruans-Al Moroccans-Mu’urish Yamaxi American Natives-Amurru Washitaw Muurs de Dugdahmoundyah/Olmec Kingdom nationals-American State Citizens/Moroccan-Americans of Al Maghreb al Aqsa for The united states in Morocco at North America/The united States of America, uSA, The united states of Morocco for the Emperial CMYE-IRK Republic for the Country of the United -states.   Refer to the Imperial CMYE Declaration for details: and/or the Imperial Constitution for the Continental Mu’urish Yamaxi Empire: and the

If you trace NAMA ancestry, you will find that we are American Native Muurs-Mu’urs-Moors in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Germany, Europe, Spain, Scotland or simply put all over Mother Earth ‘Tiamat/Ta’. This is our land the original-organic Amexem (Americas) the original land of Muu-laan, the soil/land of our Ancient Nibiruan, Elul, Anunnaqi, Nommo, Tama-reyeaat/Ancient Egiptian, Yamaxi, Olmec, Amurru Waxitaw Muurs de Dugdahmoundyah (Mound Builders), Xi, Mu’urish-Muur-Moor-Moorish American/Al Moroccan, Black-a- muurs & Black-a-moors, Original Xirokee, Shushuni, Haudenosaunee, Seminole, Creek, Xikasau, Xicora, Ancient Moabites, Mayan, Inca, Lemurian and Atlantean foremothers and forefathers of the West, North, East, South and Central Americas (Ancient Amexem, North Gate – Al Morocs/Amexem/Africa (Americas) Temple of the Sun and Moon, Asiatic lands of the Western Seas and Islands of Turtle Island) ancestors, including the adjoining Islands/Northwest and Southwest Ancient Amexem Territories. Moorover, as a live, flesh and blood indigenous man or woman we have Natural Rights under Natural Law, Common law and International Human Rights Law, and it is our Imperial Constitutional Rights not to be compelled to perform under any contracts or commercial agreements without conscious meaningful consent. These are our Autochthon-Indigenous and Autonomous-Sovereign Natural Rights, Droit.

If you consider self as an Ancient Nibiruan, Elul, Anunnaqi, Nommo, Tama-reyeaat/Ancient Egiptian, Yamaxi, Olmec, Amurru Waxitaw Muur de Dugdahmoundyah, Xi, Mu’urish-Muur-Moor-Moorish American/Al Moroccan “Native, American Native, Native American, Negro, Afro American, African American, Indian, Colored or Black”, Black-a-Muur or Black-a-Moor, Original Xirokee, Shushuni, Haudenosaunee, Creek, Seminole, Xikasau, Xicora, Ancient Moabite, Mayan, Inca, Lemurian and Atlantean ascendant you can now change your citizenship from what you were called all of your life.  Begin the NAMA Supreme Nationalization Declaration: Proclamation process and Proclaim with honor your NAMA Nationality to profess out loud Aye am a NAMA national, Aye am a NAMA Earth Keeper.  We are NAMA. We know who we are! Come learn and know your lineage.

Will it be necessary to change my birth name?

Yes.  Selecting an appellation to be addressed by (your name) is a sacred and personal process.  When an application is accepted, the potential NAMA receives a formal study guide and suggested materials to assist with selecting a new appellation.  It is not required for a potential NAMA to have their new appellation prior to completing the electronic application.   

What do the flags of the Emperial CMYE-IRK Republic represent?  Watch the below video


How do I properly fill out the NAMA Supreme Nationalization: Declaration: Proclamation Application? NOTE:  the application is now administered via a secure encrypted web portal, however the below video displays the hard copy application.  Watch the tutorial below

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  1. Greetings-

    Where do I find the pre-nationalization form to complete as mentioned on a previous call?

  2. During th early period of life as a teenage and up till adulthood I done research about my family origins and discover lineage to Choctaw-Washitaw Americans as well us being Moors.

    I have been seeking for the truth how to claim my life back correctly to live and operate human affairs as an true Al Moroccan citizen.

    So therefore I would like to learn more about how I can go through the process for Nationalization.
    Would be possible for us to arrange a brief Skype

    I appreciate you taking time to review my inquiry.
    Peace ! Sean Denson

  3. When would be possible to enrolled into NAMA University and go through Naturalisation process.

    1. Author

      Greetings: The University is scheduled to open before the end of the month. However, documentation has been email to you to begin the Nationalization process.

        1. Author

          NAMA Nationalization is currently closed

  4. If one has prior pending legal disputes with another state, are they capable of still going through the process of nationalization before settling those allegations?

    1. Author

      Yes. The application request that you detail the situation. legal issues with other states is considered by a case by case basis. You can began the process, however to complete the NAMA Supreme Nationalization, all issues must be settled.

  5. How do I get the NAMA Supreme pre-Nationalization form to complete

  6. Interested in nationality with cyme imperial government I’m nationalized under great deal both me and my son. Appellation michael jerome weston bey. my son. Joshua michael weston Bey

  7. Interested in nationality with cyme imperial government I’m nationalized under great deal both me and my son. Appellation michael jerome weston bey. my son. Joshua michael weston Bey would like to go through your process

  8. How can I can get a Application

  9. What if someone was lied on by local policy enforcers for a crime they had no knowledge of nor was in the area and no evidence but only hearsay from local policy enforcers? My sun has been sitting in county jail for something he did not do! He’s been sitting since 02-27-2021 and counting so does this process effect that being that he has been kidnapped for a made up crime? Can my sun still go through this process? Let me know because this is ridiculous also I got a court decree on the court of probate record with our nationality and name correction but what I did do and probably shouldn’t had was change the names on the ssc to the new names which is el and bey but nothing else far as that. I would be interested in hearing your feedback hope I made sense.

    1. Author

      All consultations regarding legal and LAWful status reside with THE Imperial Autonomous Autochthon Counsel. To be considered as a client of the IAAC, please request a consultation meeting by emailing the Include your Full Name; Contact Number; and Availability (i.e. M-T 12 – 17 (5PM) EST

  10. how can I find the application on Nationality

    1. Author

      Your request has been sent to the Imperial Mu’urish Yamaxi Recording Service (IMYRS). Please check for an email from:

  11. Love this info coming forth, it’s where we were supposed to be years ago. Thanks to us who love the master teacher. Peace!

  12. As my studies continues my Spirit is filled. I have been finding Moor pieces to the puzzle in the last two years than I have in all of the years I have been tracing my bloodline. I am truly grateful for the information presented here. This work is a Magnificent Journey!
    Salaamu Alakum Magic Ase’

  13. Raahubaat was just wondering if you received my application, thanks in advance

  14. for some of the things that I’ve always thought of have now began to be answered mind blowing

  15. Absolutely empowering!

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