NAMA Supreme Nationalization

Processed through the Imperial Mu’urish Yamaxi Recording Service – National Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Nationalization.  After reviewing the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below, click here to request a preliminary-application. 



Who are the NAMA?

NAMA are: NibiruansAl MoroccansMuurish Yamaxi American NativesAmurru Washitaw Muurs de Dugdahmoundyah/Olmec Kingdom nationalsAmerican State Citizens/Moroccan-Americans of Al Maghreb al Aqsa for The united states in Morocco at North America/The united States of America, uSA, The united states of Morocco for the Imperial Moorish Al Moroccan (American) Empire via His Imperial Majesty’s Royal Post per the Continental Mu’urish Yamaxi Empire/Imperial Royal Kingdom, uSA/USA. 

What is NAMA: Supreme Nationalization?  Watch the below video



What governs NAMA Supreme Nationalization? Click here ⇒  Imperial Orders  



  1. Greetings-

    Where do I find the pre-nationalization form to complete as mentioned on a previous call?

  2. During th early period of life as a teenage and up till adulthood I done research about my family origins and discover lineage to Choctaw-Washitaw Americans as well us being Moors.

    I have been seeking for the truth how to claim my life back correctly to live and operate human affairs as an true Al Moroccan citizen.

    So therefore I would like to learn more about how I can go through the process for Nationalization.
    Would be possible for us to arrange a brief Skype

    I appreciate you taking time to review my inquiry.
    Peace ! Sean Denson

  3. When would be possible to enrolled into NAMA University and go through Naturalisation process.

    1. Author

      Greetings: The University is scheduled to open before the end of the month. However, documentation has been email to you to begin the Nationalization process.

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