NAMA Supreme Nationalization

Processed through the Imperial Mu’urish Yamaxi Recording Service (IMYRS) – National Bureau of Vital Statistics, Department of Nationalization and governed by the Emperial Royal Order.  After reviewing the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below, click here to request a preliminary-application. 



NOTICE:  Please be advised that the designated vendor the CMYE mandates for criminal background check, noted on the NAMA Supreme Nationalization Pre-Application, recently changed the research time frame from ten (10) years to seven (7) years.  Please know that the background check you receive will be accepted until further notice. 

Is NAMA Supreme Nationalization Open?

Yes, NAMA Supreme Nationalization is open until the Winter Solstice:  12.21.2021: 12:00 EST.  Due to the rising cost of silver, the administrative free will offering is half off; refer to Emperial Royal Order 0002 for details.  

Why is silver needed to become a NAMA/Moroccan-American?

Silver is a natural material from the Ta (Earth) and is used to attached your birth right to your sovereign government. The silver is used to systemize the Imperial Moorish Al Moroccan (American) Empire and is housed in the Imperial CMYE Treasury.

Who are the NAMA?

NAMA are: Nibiruans-Al Moroccans-Mu’urish Yamaxi American Natives-Amurru Washitaw Muurs de Dugdahmoundyah/Olmec Kingdom nationals-American State Citizens/Moroccan-Americans of Al Maghreb al Aqsa for The united states in Morocco at North America/The united States of America, uSA, The united states of Morocco for the Imperial Moorish Al Moroccan (American) Empire via His Imperial Majesty’s Royal Post per the Continental Mu’urish Yamaxi Empire/Imperial Royal Kingdom, uSA/USA. 

Will it be necessary to change my birth name?

Yes.  Selecting an appellation to be addressed by (your name) is a sacred and personal process. It is suggested that you find a quiet space and take 4 deep breaths prior to reviewing the below links and book. Remember, you already know who you are, may be not consciously, but definitely subconsciously for to embark on this journey. For once your NAMA Supreme Nationalization process is completed you will be from there forth known by that name(s)  you select and will also be the representative of the energy selected.  Enjoy the process as you review the below suggested links to answer the question. What will be your NAMA/Moroccan-American Name?  

Suggested Material To Review:     

Egyptian Names, click here

Native American Names, click here  

Moorish Names, click here



What do the flags of the Imperial Moorish Al Moroccan (American) Empire via His Imperial Majesty’s Royal Post per the Continental Mu’urish Yamaxi Empire/Imperial Royal Kingdom, uSA/USA represent?  Watch the below video


Why is it necessary to sign & notarized NAMA Supreme Nationalization documentation? Watch the tutorial below

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  1. Greetings-

    Where do I find the pre-nationalization form to complete as mentioned on a previous call?

  2. During th early period of life as a teenage and up till adulthood I done research about my family origins and discover lineage to Choctaw-Washitaw Americans as well us being Moors.

    I have been seeking for the truth how to claim my life back correctly to live and operate human affairs as an true Al Moroccan citizen.

    So therefore I would like to learn more about how I can go through the process for Nationalization.
    Would be possible for us to arrange a brief Skype

    I appreciate you taking time to review my inquiry.
    Peace ! Sean Denson

  3. When would be possible to enrolled into NAMA University and go through Naturalisation process.

    1. Author

      Greetings: The University is scheduled to open before the end of the month. However, documentation has been email to you to begin the Nationalization process.

        1. Author

          NAMA Nationalization is currently closed

  4. If one has prior pending legal disputes with another state, are they capable of still going through the process of nationalization before settling those allegations?

    1. Author

      Yes. The application request that you detail the situation. legal issues with other states is considered by a case by case basis. You can began the process, however to complete the NAMA Supreme Nationalization, all issues must be settled.

  5. How do I get the NAMA Supreme pre-Nationalization form to complete

  6. Interested in nationality with cyme imperial government I’m nationalized under great deal both me and my son. Appellation michael jerome weston bey. my son. Joshua michael weston Bey

  7. Interested in nationality with cyme imperial government I’m nationalized under great deal both me and my son. Appellation michael jerome weston bey. my son. Joshua michael weston Bey would like to go through your process

  8. How can I can get a Application

  9. What if someone was lied on by local policy enforcers for a crime they had no knowledge of nor was in the area and no evidence but only hearsay from local policy enforcers? My sun has been sitting in county jail for something he did not do! He’s been sitting since 02-27-2021 and counting so does this process effect that being that he has been kidnapped for a made up crime? Can my sun still go through this process? Let me know because this is ridiculous also I got a court decree on the court of probate record with our nationality and name correction but what I did do and probably shouldn’t had was change the names on the ssc to the new names which is el and bey but nothing else far as that. I would be interested in hearing your feedback hope I made sense.

    1. Author

      All consultations regarding legal and LAWful status reside with THE Imperial Autonomous Autochthon Counsel. To be considered as a client of the IAAC, please request a consultation meeting by emailing the Include your Full Name; Contact Number; and Availability (i.e. M-T 12 – 17 (5PM) EST

  10. how can I find the application on Nationality

    1. Author

      Your request has been sent to the Imperial Mu’urish Yamaxi Recording Service (IMYRS). Please check for an email from:

  11. Love this info coming forth, it’s where we were supposed to be years ago. Thanks to us who love the master teacher. Peace!

  12. As my studies continues my Spirit is filled. I have been finding Moor pieces to the puzzle in the last two years than I have in all of the years I have been tracing my bloodline. I am truly grateful for the information presented here. This work is a Magnificent Journey!
    Salaamu Alakum Magic Ase’

  13. Raahubaat was just wondering if you received my application, thanks in advance

  14. for some of the things that I’ve always thought of have now began to be answered mind blowing

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