Imperial House of Health Wellness Solstice Ritual (Winter)

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Imperial House of Health & Wellness (IHHW) Chanting Ritual (Winter):

The Imperial House of Health & Wellness invites all  NAMA/Moroccan-Americans to join in a daily healing ritual with special guest NeferRa Sent:  Twice each year, we NAMA/Moroccan-Americans purify our blood and being inside outward and outside inward.  The ritual begins with your prayer of intention  and it is recited by you  three (3) times daily for nine (9) consecutive days at the start of your day.  This is not mandatory, only a matter of personal choice.  This is done twice a year to release and renew self.  The ritual includes fasting and meditational personal rites for nine consecutive days and the last ninth (9th) day of the ritual is the first day of the “Winter Solstice”:

First Day:   12.13.2021:10:58 EST (07:58 PST; 09:58 CST; 15:58 GMT)

Ninth Day:  12.21.2021:10:58 EST (07:58 PST; 09:58 CST; 15:58 GMT)

Rotation Respect:

NAMA Moon-Sun Rotation Calendar 2021 v12



NAMA/Moroccan-Americans providing fasting options:




Website:   Phone: 336-456-9183



Website:   ◊ Email:   Phone: 828-419-4485


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FASTING FOR cleaning the BODY:  An internal cleaning first followed by days of liquid intake only. NO WINE OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND IS TO BE CONSUMED during the fast.  The fast is to be ended with liquid only such as soup, broth or tea. No solid food can be eaten until 22nd. On the 21st at the end of the day intake only liquids.


hCheck with your personal doctor before undertaking this, and/or all physical rituals, especially if you are in a dis-ease state.  You are solely responsible for the actions you take to obtain optimal balance. h

FASTING AND  resting the BODY:  When performing physical activities (sports; sex; exercise; heavy lifting, etcetera) in a fasted state, your body will possibly start breaking down muscle to use protein for energy.  Moorover, you are more likely to have less energy and not be able to work out as hard or perform as well.

FASTING AND eliminating CHAOS FROM the MIND: It is ritualistic to wear all black attire during fastin and refrain from agitating the mind by eliminating: arguing, fighting, excessive talking; media, social media, tv, any influences that disturb the mind’s peace.  Prepare your domain by cleaning clutter and plan your meals in the shadow rotation.  Prepare your meals based on your level and only you know your capabilities and/or your primary health provider. Always consult your primary health & wellness provider to address any concerns you may in regards to fasting or any dietary changes.  If this is your first fast, be gentle with self and respect your limitations, but do your best to provide only the required nutrients during the nine (9) days.  The result of many that fast battle with eliminating unhealthy habits.  Read the below excerpt from the The Mind by Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle for the benefits of not surrendering to the mind.

The Mind Acts Justly To Its Desires, And Does Not Care About Consequence. It Thinks Of Some Pleasant Looking Or Pleasant Tasting Food, And Must Have Some. When Warned Of The Poisons It Contains, The Reaction Is To Disregard The Warning And Find Some Excuse To Eat It Anyway.

However, The Self (Pure Consciousness) Which Is Beyond The Mind, Which Is Read From The Mental Is The Witness Of All That Is Perceived, But It Neither Acts Nor Reacts, For All Action And Reaction Takes Place In The Mind, Appearing As Thought Waves.

Thought, The Most Powerful Force In The Universe, Initiates All Action. Activity Carried Out On The Physical Plane Is Only A Mirror Of The Inner Workings Of The Mind That Which Is Assumed To Be Reality, The Physical Environment In Which Each Person Lives, Is Only A Projection of The Mind.

In Truth, When The Many Mental Modifications, Are Resisted, One Is No Longer Affected By The Comings And Goings Of The World, And Self Shines Forth In Undisturbed Purity. When The Thought Waves Are Still, The Perceiver Rests In His Or Her Own True Nature


FASTING AND nurturing YOU:  Fasting will not only eliminate waste from your body but also every part of your essence that has discord will surface in order to be released.  Respect the experiences that serves you well and release those that do not by journaling your thoughts; embracing your breath; mainlining mediation; accepting your cleansing process. The fasting journey is a personal experience, nonetheless having the support of family and friends during the transition of shedding that which no longer serves us encourage and nurture the whole.  Follow the YouTube channel following the zoom call information below to join the Winter Solstice Talks.  Every day for nine days: 12.13.2021 ~ 12.21.2021 @ 15:00 EST (3PM) [12:00 PST; 14:00 CST; 20:00 GMT] The IIEHU will host a 30 minute daily chant circle via zoom:


The Affirmation to be chanted at the rotations of  03:00; 09:00: 15:00; 21:00

Chants 2021 Update (1)

30 minute daily chant circle via zoom:

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Meeting ID: 852 7125 9814
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Imperial House of Health & Wellness (IHHW):


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  1. I’m very grateful , thankful and honored to have the opportunity to be able to receive the rite health and wellness the way it was truly intended for our people,return back to our mother ( mother nature it self) natural holistic.much gratitude,love ,joy health and abundance to you your family and all involved 💯💯💯

  2. It’s great to return to the source

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